Digital Convergence Makes the World Go Round!

app entertainment ipad mockup
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Sitting in my living room, watching the final season of The Crown on Netflix and I can’t think of a better setting to start this blog.

This week’s assignment, discuss the impact of digital convergence on my life. To do that I’ll go back to where I started, with Netflix.

Netflix is an online streaming service. When we think back to streaming a few years ago, it was something we were only able to do through a computer, tablet or our phones. Digital convergence is allowing me to sit in my living room and stream The Crown or any other show from Netflix on my television.

In my professional life, digital convergence has had such a BIG impact in the industry that I work in. We use to have to wait and get our news every day at 5PM, gone are those days. We now have access to information all day long on digital and social media platforms. Gone are the days of people waiting for their morning paper (well some might still do it). You can now catch up on the news of the day from your local paper right on your computer or smartphone.

As I was about to wrap this up, I thought of one more great example of digital convergence— internet radio. No more sitting by the radio to hear your favorite songs. Remember when you would wait to hear the request line phone number….hoping to get through to get your song played? Now thanks to internet radio stations and the streaming of your favorite on air stations you can hear your favorites at any time. Being a music lover— this is AMAZING! I start each day with Slacker Radio or Apple Music.

I could go on and on about convergence.. but I think it’s pretty clear how it’s made my life A LOT easier and enjoyable.

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