Keeping the Brand Alive Through Storytelling

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We all know the saying “what’s in a name?” — this week I’m diving into what’s in a brand?

As journalists we’re use to being fair and balanced when it comes to the stories we tell ( at least we should be) it’s a BIG part of the job.  There’s no room for opinions or trying to sell the public on a view we want them to have. Well, not in a normal news setting—enter brand journalism.

Journalists are now being sought after by companies, to help sell their products in unique ways. We’ve all seen those cheesy setups trying to get us to buy something during a news segment or a quick social media post. Companies are now getting much smarter in the way they appeal to consumers and they’re using journalism to pull them in.

This week I had the chance to read 7 Reasons Why You Should Break Into Brand Journalism. The article highlights the reasons journalists should get into the brand marketing business– and I have to say it’s pretty appealing. Through brand journalism companies can skip the traditional route that involves going through public relations. Companies are now able to get their messages out themselves through social media platforms– cutting out the need for big PR firms when it comes to marketing.

Companies like Patagonia have turned to bloggers to help build the company’s brand. With Patagonia being an outdoor store, the Cleanest Line blog appeals to the nature lovers and people who care about what’s going on with the environment.  The company is using storytelling to help people connect with their brand. By doing this they’re able to build a new following that they hope will turn into a new customer.

Ultimately, brand journalism is doing what you don’t typically find in PR. You’re not just hearing from the company when something big is happening. It’s a constant connection with the consumer by pushing the company’s brand in a way that might not be as obvious as traditional marketing and PR. I personally find it more engaging — if done right it can be a win- win for both the customer and the companies hoping to pull them in.

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