A Different Kind of Reality

aerial view atmosphere clouds cold front
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Immersive Mixed Reality three words with a whole lot of impact to the news world these days. To break it down, it’s the blending of virtual reality together with the real world environment.

Imagine being in your home watching television and suddenly you find yourself caught in the middle of a hurricane. Just you with all the elements swirling around you. It’s something that they do in the movies all the time. Now it’s becoming even more popular for networks like The Weather Channel, totally transforming the way we cover weather.

Below is one of the most recent immersive mixed reality segments produced by the network.

This segment really shows how dangerous flooding can be. The way the meteorologist becomes part of the scene really brings the dangers alive. Really engages someone watching far more than just hearing someone talk about what can happen. Or just seeing old video from previous flooding.

Other networks like ABC also use cool technologies like augmented reality to bring us some of the biggest weather stories. Good Morning America’s Ginger Zee often does it to help illustrate some of the most dangerous weather conditions across the country.

I love seeing these technology advances in my field. I long for the days when a station like mine will be able to take advantage of these cool advancements in our field.

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