My View: The Innovator’s Dilemma


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The news is always changing from the way we record interviews and get video… to how people are now able to watch their favorite broadcasters. When looking at The Innovator’s Dilemma, I really want to focus on how the changing of cell phones has had an impact on the media.

In class we touched on the evolution of the phone– we did not touch on how the phone is now one of the most powerful tools in journalism. In the early days, reporters and cameramen had to lug around those big cameras. They had to record interviews on film and bring it all back to the station and work really hard to get it turned by the 5pm news.

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 These days the news waits on no one. Now reporters are whipping out their cell phones and getting the story told by Noon. Those phones that were just being used to talk to people– are now able to bring them to what’s happening. Think about the advances with things like FaceTime. People no longer have to describe a scene to you, they can just call you up on FaceTime and show you what’s happening.

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When it comes to the news– the big camera doesn’t always get taken out. Granted these days cameras are now considerably smaller than what they were 70 years ago. However, being able to just take out your cell phone to record an interview or get video has certainly been a game changer. It doesn’t stop there either. Cell phones are now also making it so that we can do some pretty cool things on social media… from posting a quick video of something happening. To sending a quick tweet about something we think the world needs to know as soon as it happens.

I love how our phones have evolved — while changing the way journalists are able to do our jobs. It’s certainly made getting the news out there to those that depend on us so much faster.

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