Social Media: I Just Can’t Get Enough

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Social Media– a term that we use all the time– but do you really even know what it’s all about? Sure Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some of the biggest known social media platforms, but what is social media? Let me help you out here. Social Media sites allow users to engage with each other by creating content and comments all while interacting with one another. The book definition is a little more technical– but you get where I’m going.

So, why all the interest in social media you ask? Well it’s this week’s assignment. The task, talk about why social media is so appealing. I’m pretty much at the height of my social media game! Well not really, but I use it enough to have a few ideas– so let’s get started.

Top Reasons Social Media Sizzles: 

  • Gives a voice to the voiceless. For people who don’t have a platform where they can be heard, they can find their audience on social media. Now on the flip side it also gives a voice to the trolls. So it’s a gift and a curse depending on who you are.
  • Staying connected made easy. If you really want to stay in touch with someone, problem solved. I’ve met some great people while on vacation who I’ve linked up with on Facebook and I love following what they have going on in their lives.
  • Keeps us informed! There is not a day that goes by that I don’t wake up and instantly check my social media platforms. I check my Twitter feed first to see what’s happened in the world. Gone are the days of me instantly getting up and flipping on the television.
  • Creates career/business opportunities. There are so many people who have been discovered on social media– Justin Bieber started on Youtube. There are so many businesses that started as a Facebook page and have since expanded due to the social media site.
  • Makes life so much easier. If there is really something you want to know about or how to do something,  we’re turning to social media. There are endless “how to” videos on Youtube. Pinterest is another site that people turn to when they’re in need of a little event planning/decorating. Sites like LinkedIn even make it easier for you to land that next great job.

While many social media sites have come and gone what sets the survivors apart is the ability to evolve. Think about how much a site like Facebook has changed since it launched. I can remember when the site was only open to college students, now anyone can go on. Remember when you could only post pictures? Now you can broadcast an event live from the social media platform. The same thing is true with Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. These sites are constantly changing to stay relevant. The reality is, you either keep up with the times or find yourself left behind.

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