Diary Of A Digital Addict

Right now, I’m sitting cozy in the pharmacy drive thru… don’t worry I’m just the passenger.  There’s no surprise that I’m spending this time waiting on my phone. The phone is my time filler for just about everything. As a matter of fact, I really can’t think of many times during the day when I’m without my phone. Of course the shower is the exception and even then it is not far away — streaming my favorite songs on Slacker or Apple Music.

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So to this week’s blog topic.. my technology problem.. well not problem… but slight addiction. I’ve known that it existed — it’s not like I’ve been in denial. It’s just that last week I really got a look at just how much of an impact it has on my life. We had a class assignment track our technology use for 24 hours in a digital diary.  This week’s assignment– blog about it, so here I go!

If I’m being honest– I probably chose the worst day to do my tracking assignment–Saturday into Sunday. When it was all said and done I totaled about 8 hours of technology use which seemed pretty low to me– and for good reason. After listening to my classmates describe how they tracked their usage,  I realized I wasn’t exactly doing a good job keeping track of my own.

I listen to music ALL the time! My diary doesn’t reflect the time spent in the car that weekend streaming and singing to the top of my lungs.  The radio is everything to me. During times when I need to clear my head— I often hop in my car, turn the music up loud and drive.

Being someone who has worked in television the last 11+ years– you would think that I would be all about TV, not so much. There are a few gotta watch shows that I record and catch up on later– but I’m not just spending hours watching television. Now, times like right now the TV is often just playing in the background as I work. Looking back to last week–that’s another thing that isn’t exactly reflected in my diary. I guess I’m just so use to having it on, I wasn’t really thinking it needed to be counted– but I was wrong.

Going back to the beginning — yes–I LOVE my smartphone. The majority of my diary time was well spent (in my opinion) on my phone.  I start and end almost every day on my phone. The first thing I do when I wake up, check my phone for missed calls, texts and emails. That’s followed by a sweep of my social media accounts. I always start with Twitter to see what’s making headlines in both local and national news. My day ultimately always ends reading from my Bible app.

Am I really a technology addict, probably. Do I have any plans of changing my habits– NOPE! If I get to a point when it does more harm than good– I’m confident I can back away. For now, I’m going to keep on posting my daily moves on social media— while listening to the radio— with some random TV show playing in the background!

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